Welcome to Mentor in Your Pocket

I know how busy entrepreneurs and business owners are, as I work with 1000’s of them weekly however always found that something positive done daily into a business or project has a massive difference over time with the compounding effect.

Daily you will receive audios from me that will take less than 5 minutes to listen to but get the creative juices flowing to help you implement something straight away.

Imagine that if you made a small positive change daily for the next 200 days how much different your life, health, wealth and business would look like.


It is a massive frustration on a day to day basis that I see in businesses, that if they make these small changes, what a difference their whole aspect of life and business could be.  This is about paying it forward and my commitment like others to help entrepreneurs and business owners like you to make positive changes in business and make our world a better place for everyone.