You are not one of these people.  If you are you need to stop it. You don’t want to map out the processes in your business.

In this segment, we are going to look at what makes some businesses successful and some not. And the key focus is sytems and processes.  Yes it is that time that we need to map out your business into a manual.

Define all of your business practices and write them out in a manual. This can be used as a troubleshooting guide for when things go wrong as well as a training manual for new employees or outsourcing. Document each process for every area of your business including product development, quality control, customer service, internal and external communications, the sales process, financial processes, etc. Use graphics and checklists to make it easy to follow.

Out of the 1000’s of businesses that I have consulted with in over 23 countries, there has always been similar processes and manuals.  Most people say my business is different or it doesn’t need a manual or my sales process is unique.  Let me stop you there. The most successful organisisation, 80 – 90% of them have sales templates.  Although the way you deliver this to the customer, they will feel as if it is unquiely done for them.

However, the secret here is systems and processes along the way.  It is not about finding 1000’s of ways of to do something.  It is about doing what works and doing it very well a thousand times.

Today you are going to start documenting down, as of today and everyday from now on, what you do. You are going to track on how you answer the phone, how you send an email to a customer.  You are going to start developing templates and I want you to start documenting them down and put them into a word document and start the templating the process.

From your welcome message to when you invoice, to the script when you answer the phone.  Your everyday process. These are going to form part of your training manual.  From these manuals, you are going to start to create specifically, for training new people.

For today I want you to start writing down the following:

  • how you answer the phone
  • how you greet customers
  • what is the onboarding process

Start looking at these processes today!