There are no more excuses.You need to take advantage of the tools that are available to you. It is no excuse anymore to be able to say I don’t know how to do that or it is too expensive or I am not sure.

There are many online tools to help you get to know your customers better. Metrics gives you passive data on who visits your site. From Google Analytics which is completely free, through to other tools like SurveyMonkey, which lets you create surveys. There is other software like Zoom Info and other websites RapLeaf, which analyses email addresses.  Facebook gives you insight or demographic on your Facebook users. Or the many many other tools that are available on the internet. No more excuses to not to 100% know who your customers are. I have been doing this now fo well over a decade.

I have been doing this now fo well over a decade.  When I first started out and I was looking at business metric and I was having to analysis not just for my own customers but for clients I was consulting with.  This data was so expensive.  However now most of this data is free. It is an even playing field.  The key for you is most people don’t realise this information is readily available.  You have another 12 months to 2 years to take advantage of looking at these metrics and really understanding your customer over your competitors before your competitors begin to use the same.

List of Tools:

Hopefully, if you can implement this into your business today with a basic survey and understanding your customers, then this will make a difference to your business.