Be present with your customers. Seek out face to face time. The more business we do online, we create these virtual relationships that have no real tangible data or value.

So whether online or off, you should value the actual face-to-face time you get to spend with your customers. Use websites like Meet Up to create community groups where you can get your potential customers in front of you and understand who they are and what makes them tick and what worldviews they have.  Phone calls and emails can be helpful for getting to know them, but there’s nothing like sitting down face to face and actually spending time with your customers. Always make face time first priority.

Different ways to do this include: organise coffee meetings, trade nights depending on your business, use Meet Up to create a community, get to know your customers face to face.  We can all agree that sitting across the table over a coffee, or drinking a cup of tea face to face, changes the way we feel about people.

We start to value and understand what makes them tick, how they dress, where they shop, you can get to know them as a real person.  This will help make the relationship more solid.  This will help you on a day to day basis in your business.