You aren’t making this mistake, are you?  Becuase I don’t use a mobile phone or app neither do my customers or I don’t use social media so my customers don’t either. I can’t believe to tell you just how often I hear this and it is such a mistake. You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Just because you don’t do something that means your customers doesn’t either.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and see things from their point of view. When you do this, you can better understand the wide range of buying options they have, as well as the pros and cons of each. This also helps you clarify the edge you have with your product or service over your competitors.

The key mistake that businesses make when they do this is they approach it from their point of view. Get rid of your point of view.

On piece of paper, start to write down what your customer looks like and where they buy:

  • Age bracket
  • Demographic
  • Generation
  • Male/female
  • Products and service they buy etc

Then undertake that information and then clarify on how that fits into your business. If you can start to look at that today it is going to start to make a massive difference to your business.