I am going to let you in on a secret as to why some businesses are successful and others are not.  And that is training videos.  I can’t begin to tell you on how much time this saves.  We have just been speaking about manuals and documenting everything down.

If you are just starting out and have no employees or team members or you have an existing business and want to expand. One of the best-kept secrets in the industry is make training videos.  There should be training videos for every process in your business. This will help you when hiring new team members, training up existing team members or other people in your company. Or if you want to outsource.

I have discussed before how the world is now flat. You can hire expertise anywhere in the world. When I talk about outsourcing, people naturally jump to sending jobs overseas.  This can also be about hiring people in your own country.  Or hiring someone with skills you don’t have.  For example having someone look after your Live Chat or updating your social media or run your calendar. Or you might outsource your bookkeeping to someone who is doing it from home or a business overseas. The key to success with any form of outsourcing is training videos.

Let’s face it – there are only so many hours in the day.  As entrepreneurs or business owners we can only do so much.  So while you are documenting key items you perform, on how you invoice or how you answer the phone or how you update your social media page.  You can easily do this through training videos.

Start recording down, now, day to day tasks that by now you should have written down, as I have mentioned this in other audios. So by now, I am sure, you have lists of day to day tasks.  Some of those tasks you may be able to give to another team member, employee or someone overseas.

This is going to save you a bucket load of time for future training and it is going to make it a lot easier for anyone you are giving these videos too, so they can reference them time and time again.

So do yourself a favour and look at your daily tasks, whether it is virtual computer help or anything you might need and start recording these videos today.

Free resource links for recording: