Know your customers. In this segment, we are going to take a look at understanding your customer in a little more depth. Today we cover Look Who’s Looking.

Whether you have an online store or an offline brick and mortar shop, pay attention to who is visiting and know as much about them as possible. Understand all their demographics.

If you’re offline, watch your customers shop, talk to them and get to know them as well as possible. It might seem frightening at first but spark a conversation.  Ask them engaging questions and understand why they chose your store over some else’s.

For an online store, where you don’t meet your customer face to face, pay attention to your analytics and look at your visitor profiles. You can use this information to tweak and better appeal to your customers.

Today write down a list of who your customers are:

  • age
  • male or female
  • type of products they like
  • testimonials/comments

Really get to understand your customer and because if you can start to put a profile together this will help you in the future with your marketing and advertising and really get your customers talking about you.

Social media sites – Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter. Have a look at the metrics and insights.  Find out who is paying attention to who.  If you implement this small change identifying your customers today you will see a massive change to your business in the future.