Don’t focus on the sales.  Now that might sound strange.  But no one wants to be sold  No one wants a hard close.  Focus on the relationship.

The moment a customer encounters you or your business, the temptation is to get the quick sale.  You want to look at what can I do for this customer and this is the product they need.  If you don’t listen to them and build a relationship with the customer, then they are going to look at you like everyone else.

Instead, hold off on sales and focus on building a relationship. Get to understand them. Think in terms of how you can help the customer. Interact with them and create a bond. Ease off on the sales.  You are not trying to push the product or service. Even if this means they may not buy anything today or even tomorrow, it doesn’t mean you have lost the sale.  But if you build a good relationship they eventually will, and they’ll stick with you.

Better yet as it is so unusual for people to focus on relationships as everyone wants the quick sell you are going to stand out and all of a sudden people will start talking positively about your business.

So today, have a look at your sales process, the type of questions you ask.  Do you rush through the sales process? What are your sales team asking? What are the questions they are asking?  Are they asking engaging questions like what brings you here today?  Or are they asking yes or no questions?

If you start implementing some of these minor changes to your sales process today, you will notice a massive difference in your business.