You’re are not worried about your customers shopping at competitors. This gives you a massive insight into who your customers are. Find out who is filling their needs right now. Find out who a potential customer is buying from right now and how they feel about it.

Knowing this information reveals a great deal about your customers’ tastes and how they make their purchase decisions. Perhaps you have something unique to offer that your competitors don’t. Did they even know you were in the marketplace? They may not even realise that you are a competitor or that you have an alternative product or service to offer.

Understanding this informtion and understanding that competition is good as it starts to spread the word regarding different products and services that you do. What you do need to be able to look at is that you aren’t in a position where you are competing on price.

Also everyone talks about customer service. As we have talked about in previous audios you need to educate your customer, be there for them for them and build a relationship.  It’s not just selling them something. Or trying to push a product or service onto them.

Today look at your top 2 or 3 competitors either locally or nationally.  Why do customers buy from them or and the decision purchases and why they buy that particular product or service? Also get some ideas about looking at people overseas that are seling something similar to you. And then bring it all back into your product your service your relationship and how can you take that infomation and implement that into your business today wth communication.

All this feeds into all the other items we have talked about such as social media, how to build the relationships.  All this ties together.

So as a recap tody have a look at your top 2 – 3 competitors either locally or nationally or both.  And ask why are my customrs buying through them? How can you change your product or service today to make it a better shopping experience for your customer?