Are you unique?  Are you and your products unique?

This is so important as this will either make or break whether your business is a success or not.

You need to determine what makes YOU unique. You need a strong unique value proposition. This is what sets you apart from other companies. Don’t focus on being the biggest, fastest, cheapest or best, because something better can come along.

We have seen lately so many large companies close their doors overnight – the market has changed. Look at UBER who have changed the taxi industry. Nothing is safe anymore when it comes to your products or service. However, the one thing you have control of is are unique enough and can you keep reinventing yourself. Markets, people’s buying habits have changed and you need to change with them.

Don’t focus on the biggest, fastest, cheapest or best.  Instead, focus on what you offer that’s unique. This is harder for another company to outdo. What is unique to you and what makes your customer, your niche, your following buy from you.

Today look at your products and your services and write down what makes me unique. Start writing a list.  Not the best customer service or the fastest or the biggest.  It needs to be other things.

If you need inspiration look at Amazon, Apple or Microsoft – look at what makes them unique.  Apple was a great one when they brought out the iPod – 1000 songs in your pocket.

Take inspiration from other products and services in your market and apply them to your business today!